Stop promoting yourself!

[vc_row gap=”30″][vc_column el_class=”sthpcol”][vc_column_text]*the photo above is the work of talented miss Andreea Retinschi for DoR Influencers and haters are like bread and butter. You never really realize other people than your mother and boyfriend read you until the shitty comments start appearing. They say it’s kind of a validation, a real proof that your opinion starts… Continuă lectura Stop promoting yourself!

From Architecture to cars – a new stage

[vc_row gap=”30″][vc_column el_class=”sthpcol”][vc_column_text]I needed a few days to acknowledge what really happened to me. My journey through the two faculties – Urban Planning and Architecture, which I attended at the University of Architecture and Urban Planning ‘Ion Mincu’ in Bucharest – finally came to an end. It took 7 years, in which time I discovered… Continuă lectura From Architecture to cars – a new stage